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Long-billed curlew decorative decoy
Long-billed Curlew Decorative Decoy


Decoys and Smoothies

Decorative Decoys and Smoothies are smooth birds in Tupelo or Basswood with acrylic-painted feathers, mounted on driftwood.


Curlews are occasionally seen on the East Coast wading in the marshes. This bird won 1st in Advanced Smoothie Shorebirds at the Ward World Competition.

Decoys' have dowels, Smoothies have feet. They may be life-size or miniature.

Semi-palmated plover - life-size decoy
Semi-palmated Plover

Bluebird (male) smoothie - life-size
Bluebird (male)

American Robin smoothie - life-size
American Robin

White breasted nuthatch - miniature
White-breasted Nuthatch

American Goldfinch smoothie  - life-size
American Goldfinch

Northern Cardinal female smoothie - life-size
Northern Cardinal
Female Smoothie

Piping Plover decoy - life-size
Piping Plover

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