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picture of Sheila Bowen - Avian Carver
Sheila Bowen - Avian Carver


About The Carver

Sheila's love of woodcarving began some 30 years ago when she started a home-based business making hand-carved signs. From there she progressed to low relief carvings of landscapes and portraits of houses, people and animals.

Inspired by national bird carving exhibitions, she began carving detailed birds which are now her specialty. Competition is the best way to learn and excel in any field and Sheila has won many awards for her work including blue ribbons at the prestigious Ward World Championship in Maryland.

Sheila is the 2007 New England Champion wildfowl carver, winning both Best in Competition and People's Choice Award at the Wildlife Artisans Association show in Topsfield, MA.

Living on Cape Cod, there are ample opportunities to study many kinds of shorebirds, water birds, raptors and songbirds. She finds the challenge of transforming a block of wood into a beautiful life-like bird to be an exciting accomplishment.

From start to finish, Sheila carves exceptional birds.

step 1
Step 1
Cut out the profile from a block of wood. Draw in a center line and outline the top profile.
step 2
Step 2
Roughly shape and round the body.
step 3
Step 3
Define the wings and sand smooth. Draw the feather groups on the bird.
step 4
Step 4
Cut around the feathers of the wing and tail and make contours in the body. Sand smooth.
step 5
Step 5
Texture the wing and tail with a burning tool, and the body with a rotary stone.
step 6
Step 6
Put in the glass eyes. Seal the wood and coat with gesso.
step 7
Step 7
Paint the bird.

How long does it take to make a small bird?     80 - 100 hours!

Commissions are gladly accepted.

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